Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 Interview Flashback

We're going on a little break until after the New Year, so take some time to catch up on all the interviews that we've done since June 2012. We'll be back on Jan. 2, 2013 with a brand new feature from the Rose Bowl Flea Market!


Bernard Yin                    Paul Chesne 

Beta Wolf                      Pentatonix

Chris Rene                           Right the Stars 

C├ęcile Hortensia                      Rose's Pawn Shop 

The Dahls                      Sad Robot 

Dylan Hyde                     Saint Motel 

Hoobastank                     Stars in Stereo 

Kate Earl                      Stephen Kalinich

Lavender Diamond               Steve Coe of Worn Free

Lisa Germano                   Terraplane Sun 

Margaret Cho                   Tiphanie Brooke 

Midnight Red                   Valarie Pettiford 

Mike Andrews                   Wake Up Lucid 

Naama Kates                    The World Record 

NO                             Youngblood Hawke

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