Friday, November 16, 2012

L.A. HAVENS - The Fix Burger



2520 Hyperion Ave., Los Angeles (Silver Lake) 323-661-8494

Like most people who grew up in Southern California, In-N-Out Burger was a staple of my childhood. When we cut out all meat that wasn't certified humane from our diets, there was definitely a void left for a good burger joint, especially in the eyes of the teenager in household. Ever since we found the Fix Burger, it is always No. 1 on his list of suggestions on where we should grab a bite to eat.

Their basic Fix Burger is so much better than a Whopper, Double-Double or Big Mac. It's huge (a half-pound patty of ground chuck) and more than hits the spot for any burger craving. The quarter-pound Mini Fix Burger or the Fix Sliders (two, two-ounce burgers) are the best bet for those with smaller appetites. The Fix has one of the best turkey burgers in town because it is so incredibly juicy. Their house-made Veggie Burger has just the right blend of grains, vegetables and spices. Not only are all of their meats 100-percent all natural and certified humane, but the Fix Burger prides itself on offering more than just the standard beef, turkey or veggie patties. Their buffalo and wild boar patties are quite popular.

A Veggie Burger from the Fix
You can top any of the patties with cheese – from American to Bleu and Gruyere – fixings like bacon, chili or grilled pineapple and a sauce (ranch, peppercorn ranch, garlic basil mayo, thousand island or barbecue. Or you can choose one of their Signature Burgers, such as the Seoul with mushrooms, Korean barbecue sauce, kimchi, lettuce, jack and mayo or the Pilgrim with turkey, mayo, cranberry relish, lettuce and tomatoes.

No matter what, you must try the amazing sweet potato fries. Their garlic fries, with bits of crispy brown garlic and herbs, are great too. If you're super hungry, I highly recommend the breaded mushrooms as well. Don't forget to grab some dill pickle spears either. They're so good. The Fix's list of shake flavors goes far beyond most burger places and includes fruits like blueberry and pineapple, in addition to caramel, coconut and coffee.

As far as neighborhood burger restaurants go, I definitely prefer the Fix over Umami. And not just for the fact that all of the Fix's meats are well sourced. I love its laid-back atmosphere, and the service is always stellar.

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