Friday, September 28, 2012

SHOW REVIEW - Lavender Diamond 9/24/12

Becky Stark of Lavender Diamond (Autumn de Wilde)


Sept. 24 @ The Echo (Echo Park)

It's always amusing to watch the reaction on audience members' faces when Lavender Diamond frontwoman Becky Stark begins to sing. At first there is shock and awe that such a powerful sound can come from such a pixie-like being, and then there are grins as blissful euphoria overtakes their countenances.

As Lavender Diamond took the stage for the final night of their monthlong residency at the Echo, I awaited the crowd's response with bated breath, and Lavender Diamond did not disappoint. This being the eve of the release of their new album, Incorruptible Heart, the band spent most of the set polishing up the new tracks in anticipation of heading to the East Coast for some shows. From the hip-sway inducing "I Don't Recall" to the plaintive "Just Passing By" and exquisitely heart-wrenching "Everybody's Heart's Breaking Now," Lavender Diamond captivated everyone's attention in the Echo. Ron Rege Jr.'s rhythmic pounding on his drums made hearts beat a little faster on "Teach Me How to Waken," while Steve Gregoropoulos' keyboard mesmerized on "Forgive."

My favorite moment of the night came during "All the Stars." Stark shimmered in a long, black vintage dress, and it seemed as if we had all been transported to a different era. The reflection of the stage lights danced off the beads and crystals on her shoulders, and her face was engulfed in an aura of bright light. She looked so ethereal and angelic and her voice soared to such otherworldly heights during the song, that, by the end, I was absolutely breathless. As the evening progressed, and Stark amused with banter such as a story about dragons transforming into dragonflies before "Dragonfly," everyone fell in love with her a little more.

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