Monday, September 24, 2012

SHOW REVIEW - The Youngs 9/21/12

Tim Young, Eryn Young and John Schuller of the Youngs perform amidst a sea of bubbles at Mr. T's Bowl.



Sept. 21 @ Mr. T's Bowl (Highland Park)

A photo usually fails to duplicate the true beauty of a sunset, just as most recordings fall short of capturing the entire essence of a band, especially a group who is so enthralling on stage. While the Youngs shine on 2007's Hand Up, Head Down, as well as their self-titled album from 2009, nothing compares to experiencing songs like "Letting the Pressure Out" and "Killing of the King" in person.

While Eryn Young's voice is remarkable on their albums, the emotion she puts into each note as she simultaneously pounds on the drum kit is powerfully moving live. It's as if she's speaking directly to your soul, captivating with her soaring vocals as she slowly builds into the crescendo of "Over the Wall." When she sings, "Let's go, let's go today. Let's go, I'll show the way," you become mesmerized and really have no choice but to follow her on the lyrical journey.

Guitarist Tim Young has performed with musicians from Daniel Johnston and legendary jazz violinist Michael White to the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, but it's so thrilling to see him perform his own material as part of the Youngs. His raw solos grab you by the gut on songs like "Hard to Love." And as John Schuller lays down a hypnotic bassline on "The Last Migration," Eryn's and Tim's voices meld in perfect harmony. I can't think of a better way to kick off the weekend than filling my ears full of the Youngs.

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