Monday, June 4, 2012


"They've been outcasts all their lives." —The Rolling Stones, "Jig-Saw Puzzle"

We're all searching for that place to fit in, the one spot that makes us feel like we're really a part of our neighborhood and this City of Angels that we call home. Whether it's the café that provides that perfect cup of coffee, a shop where hours pass like minutes in the search for rare vinyl or a hiking trail where inspiration for the next great mystery novel is found, JIGSAW celebrates these special havens.

After years of interviewing celebrities about their latest projects, I wanted to do something that gave a little more insight into their personalities and inspired readers to get out and enjoy their own neighborhoods. So I've created JIGSAW, where musicians, authors, actors and other artists will share their favorite L.A. places through exclusive interviews and photos. I will tell some of my own special L.A. stories too. As you read about our special nooks in Los Angeles, I hope you're compelled to seek out your own missing puzzle pieces.

—Yuri Shimoda

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  1. I love the concept and am looking forward to your blogs, Yuri!!