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I used to go to a lot of 311 shows. I've been to about 40 of them across the nation. But that's nothing compared to JIGSAW's first guest columnist, Julie Gonzalez. She is one of the band's biggest fans, so I couldn't have asked a better person to share a 311 REMEMBER WHEN.

Fans prepare for 311 to perform on the lido deck at the first cruise in 2011. (Julie Gonzalez)

311 Caribbean Cruise

March 3-7, 2011

By Julie Gonzalez

When I was first asked to write about one memorable 311 concert, I was really excited and flattered. Then I started thinking, 'what show would I write about?' I've seen 311 over 200 times in many different places, so it was quite hard for me to decide.

I've been following 311 for over 16 years and have traveled all over the world using up almost all of my vacation time every year. I've seen them in Japan, Canada, Half Moon Cay and in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (en route to Turks and Caicos) during their two cruises. I was even lucky enough to witness them play their first show in Alaska, which was the last state that they had left to play.

After thinking back to all of the shows I've been to, it became really difficult to share just one show that was special to me. So, I'll talk about my most recent memorable show.
"311 played as Miami faded from view." (Julie Gonzalez)

In 2011, the band decided to embark on their first 311 Cruise. What's a 311 Cruise, you ask? Well, there's a company out of Georgia, Sixthman, that puts together Carnival cruises for bands. The music group is on the boat with 3,000 fans for four days/nights.

They perform a few sets, do a Q&A and take pictures with everyone on the boat. It's the most amazing experience. They also do other things to interact with fans, like play basketball or judge a karaoke show.

As we were leaving the Port of Miami, 311 played on the lido deck, and it was one of the greatest shows I've been to. This was the first cruise, and the thought of everyone chanting, "311-3-3-11" while anxiously waiting for them to come out and play still gives me goosebumps.

My friends and I watched from the top deck, as 311 played and Miami faded from view. Everyone was so excited to be there, and the band went off.

311 Cruise 2011 (Julie Gonzalez)
 It makes me smile just thinking about that set. They played my two favorite songs, "Do You RIght" and "8:16 a.m.," which made the evening even more special, along with other great tracks, such as "Jupiter," "Guns (Are For Pussies)" and "Summer of Love,"  which they hadn't played in a long time.

Although the shows are always an exceptional experience, one of the things I really enjoy is all the people you meet at their concerts and all of the great friends I've made over the years because of 311 and their music. After traveling and meeting a lot of their fans around the globe, I can truly say that they have the best fans. A lot of the friends I've made because of 311 are like family.

You probably think I'm crazy because I go to so many shows, but if you are passionate about anything, you will understand. I encourage anyone to go to a 311 show. You will not be disappointed!

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